To complete your course, simply complete each lesson in turn by reading the course material & then taking the corresponding test.

Once you have passed a test the next one will become active until you reach the final assignment, which will be marked internally.

For endorsed courses, if you do not pass the final test your tutor will provide feedback indicating where to improve until you pass.

Please note:

  • All tests, including the final, can be re-taken until you pass.
  • Only your final test is taken into account when determining your final grade – the multiple choice tests are only there to ensure you have met the learning objectives of the lesson and are ready to move onto the next one.
  • If you want to retain a copy of your test results please remember to print them when you complete your test, as we do not keep copies of test results. There are printed certificate are available for £30. To arrange one Please call us on 0203 695 8884

Are you looking for help? Why not take a look at our FAQ here or contact your tutor at

Course material can be sent via post in paper form for a fee of £50, alternatively you can simply print out the lessons where allowed.

To arrange payment & postage please call us on +44 (0)203 695 8884.