Alpha College is an online place with a diverse group of students.  Students can benefit from this cultural diversity and learn about new ways of life, thinking and education by joining forums and blogs at our website.

It is a place to make new friends and become more socially aware.  A dedicated Student Support Policy is in place to give the student support where they needed, this allows Alpha College to provide a very personal, professional and dedicated service.

Career Planning

Career planning helps realise your ambitions — what you would like to do in your working life. A plan helps you focus on what you should do when thinking about a new career. It also helps if you would like to progress in the career you are in.

Planning needs time and careful consideration. You need to think about:

  • what you can do already
  • what you would like to do next
  • what else you need to learn.

We ask you donot rusk make up your mind and let us know we will try to support you in your future planning.

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