Computer-based exams have been developed by ACCA as part of our overall e-business strategy, providing learning and assessment online and continuing to offer students access, opportunity and flexibility through the ACCA brand. ACCA was the first professional body to introduce computer-based examinations in 1998. ACCA has over 500 licensed CBE centres worldwide and Alpha College is of approved centre of ACCA to conduct CBE exams. Computer-based exams (CBEs) are available for the first seven papers (not the options papers) within the Foundations in Accountancy suite of awards and F1, F2, F3 and F4 (English and Global) from the ACCA Qualification.

Benefits of CBE

Offering CBEs provides the following benefits to students:

  • Flexibility – Students are not restricted to June and December paper-based exam sessions as CBEs can be sat at any time of the year. CBE also offers flexibility for re-sits which can be taken at any time. There is no restriction on the number of times a student can re-sit exams by CBE.
  • Instant result – The student’s result is displayed on the computer screen at the end of the exam.
  • Results – Once the student’s result has been uploaded by the CBE centre it is transferred to the student’s ACCA account within 72 hours.