Teaching is a sacred profession and we know this. Aristotle rightly said, “Those who educate the children are more to be honoured than they who produce them.

Alpha College value teachers/lecturers as the source of inspiration to students. By working with us you can open new avenues of studying British Qualifications for your students.

With millions of young people unemployed, preparing the next generation for the world of work is too important and teachers, tutors and lecturers always play major role in it. Your task is to bring the talent at surface and blend it with the confidence of British University degree to go higher in their professional careers.

Developing students not only educationally but professionally is our goal and to achieve this we want to engage everyone around us especially tutors.

We provide excellent opportunities of career development with long term planning. Micro College is an ideal concept to make the tutors more in control of the programme they teach. To discuss Micro College concept just drop an email to micro.college@alphacol.org or why not calling us on 0044 203 774 1081.