Our History

Since 2009 Alpha College is active in London, we are a team of experts in course delivery and education research sharing the experience of many years. In all these years we have learnt much about the needs, frustrations and triumphs of the Learner and Parent who chooses to educate their children. In 2010 Alpha College was registered with ASIC (Accreditation Services of International Colleges), progressing further, in 2011 Alpha College started Post Graduate Qualifications, and then for its recognition in excellence and quality in teaching and education, in 2012, Alpha College was approved by the ISI (Independent School Inspectorate) The Independent Schools Inspectorate is an agency approved by the Home Office to carry out Educational Oversight inspections of Private Further Education Colleges and English Language Schools in England and Wales. In 2013 Alpha College achieved Highly Trusted status to sponsor International students. In 2014 ISI visited Alpha College and continued the approval for Education Oversight.

2015 Alpha College started the online courses for the students who wish to study British qualification while staying in their own country

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