Agents play a major role in making our qualifications successful we value your friendship and we want to keep you in loop. Anyone who shares the common goal of working for the educational success can join us as agent.

The scope of recruiting for colleges and universities in the UK is now limited by the changes to the visa regulations. Students of private colleges are not allowed to work at all and now they are heading to other destinations.

Learners will be studying online courses directly from British institutions and this is why we are approaching agents to create chances for potential learners to open doors into good education, the qualification which will provide them confidence to face the challenges of modern age.

Alpha College offers university pathway programmes with undergraduate and post graduate diplomas and pride ourselves on delivering them whether the student is at a tuition support centre or self studying, they are looked after and engaged in a robust educational experience.

Working with Alpha College is very simple you have to motivate the students to join our courses and each student admission will attract commission.

Alpha College welcomes you all.

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